FARGO — The past five months have been a whirlwind for local salon owner Nikki Olson, but the time has finally come to stop and catch her breath.

That’s because Olson’s

Loft42 Luxury Salon Studios

opened Tuesday, May 3 at 3253 42nd St. S. in Fargo.

Loft42 features 20 rental suites in a bright, posh setting. The 20 suites, including Olson’s own, feature stylists, two body waxers, estheticians and even a masseuse’s room with bars on the ceiling for foot massages. It’s a “one-stop shop,” Olson told The Forum Thursday while seated in her chic studio.

The 20 suites have meant a steady stream of customers for the new salon. Asked to sum up the opening, Olson said it’s been “very busy.” “We have 20 people, so it’s been crazy busy, but it’s great because all of them are so busy,” she continued. “I love it.”

Hairstylist Kinzie Carson with a client in her studio at Loft42 Luxury Salon Studios on May 5, 2022.

Chris Flynn / The Forum

Olson couldn’t help but pause for a moment to take pride in her journey to opening Loft42. She opened her first salon at the age of 20 and most recently owned Freya Salon in West Fargo. At the time, Olson said Freya Salon was the first suite rental salon in the metro area. “We had a great seven year run, but I just wanted to expand,” she said.

Opening Loft42, however, seemed impossible. It even felt like it was “not real for a long time,” Olson said. At one point, she had questioned whether or not expanding to Loft42 was the right move.

Those doubts were a long way in the rearview mirror Thursday as Olson smiled through a tour of the 5,000-square-foot facility. “Now that we’re in here, I’m like, ‘Yes, this was an awesome thing to do and the time to do it,'” she remarked.

In terms of both square footage and rental suites, Loft42 is a significant size upgrade from Freya. It’s also a lot fresher than Freya, which was darker. Now, Olson noted, every suite has a window, with the exception of massage and esthetician suites. “I never expected to have anything this big and never thought I would have anything this big,” she said. “I thought I’d stay at Freya forever, but something just sparked in me.”


Hairstylist Tina Alm with a client in her studio at Loft42 Luxury Salon Studios on May 5, 2022.

Chris Flynn / The Forum

Opening Loft42 hasn’t come without “growing pains,” but Olson has been thrilled with the results. Professionals each customize their own suites, meaning each room offers its own unique atmosphere. “We definitely brought the bar up for renters.” Doing so meant a lot of nonstop days from 8 am to midnight. Now open, Olson can settle into the new space, but she’s still vows to “keep on grinding.”

A special point of pride for Olson is being a female business owner. She’s endured her fair share of barbs or double-takes in stride. “Sometimes it’s hard as women in business. It’s tough, but it seems like men are starting to listen to us more,” she said.


A waiting room space at Loft42 Luxury Salon Studios in south Fargo.

Chris Flynn / The Forum

Both clients and professionals are enjoying the new space, Olson beamed. Loft42 is so busy that no one can accommodate walk-ins. “People love it,” she said with a laugh. “It’s fun to come to work. I have not been coming home when I should be because I am sitting on my couch in here enjoying my room.”

For prospective clients, Olson wanted to extend an invitation to visit the city’s newest high-end salon. “They’re in good hands,” she concluded. “We offer lots of services and they can bop around the rooms and expect to be treated really awesome when you come here.”

WHAT: Loft42 Luxury Salon Suites
WHERE: 3253 42nd St. S., Fargo


Hours: Vary by specialist
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